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Elevate Your Roots

Focuses on proper form and alignment, this class is designed to give a thorough understanding of the postures which directs awareness to the body and in turn quiets the mind. Students develop strength, flexibility and balance. This class offers clear demonstration to establish students understanding of correct body alignment and uses props as an aid to deepen learning and adjust posture to individual needs.


Energize and Align

This all levels Yoga class is an alignment focused flow class. It will increase your understanding of transitions between Yoga postures (asanas) while deepening your awareness and understanding of proper alignment all while utilizing breath work (pranayama). This class will teach you to energize your postures through a Vinyasa style flow while still focusing on well aligned posture. Beginner yogis welcome, modifications will be offered if needed.


Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga focuses particularly on the spinal functions of the postures, integrated with focused breathing practices and other lesser practiced tools of yoga like mantra and visualization. It is her wish that the class celebrates where each student is coming from and allows everyone to have a personal experience with the practice. Great for beginners.



Vinyasa/Hatha is a class that utilizes heat building poses connected with breath and movement, exploring back bends, inversions, arm balances and more! Excellent for developing strength, endurance, flexibility, focus & breath awareness. To add to the experience, Ayurvedic aromatherapy is incorporated into asana and pranayama practice. Heal the body by utilizing strength building poses and restorative poses in a way that allows us to have a greater awareness of our mind, body and spirit, while working up a sweat!


Yoga All Levels

Designed to help you cultivate a strong and flexible body and quiet mind. Classes focus on posture, alignment, breathing and meditation. Suitable for all levels but recommended that anyone brand new start with either ‘Elevate Your Roots’ or ‘Gentle Yoga’ first.


Elevate Fusion

Elevate Fusion incorporates all aspects of our Elevate studio for a complete Mental and Physical workout. Flow from the mat to the barre and sink deep into your poses.


Yoga Wall

Yoga Wall

The Yoga Wall is like having a partner in your practice any time you want one. Postures range from gently supported to deep backbends and inversions, according to the level of the class. The wall straps can help you tweak your alignment or create traction to relieve back pain and muscle stiffness.  The Yoga wall is included in some classes where indicated on the schedule. Click here to view the Yoga Wall in action.


Yin Yoga Wall

An all levels class focused on deep stretches and long holds. This meditative practice will help create balance in the body and mind while increasing flexibility and range of motion.


Stretch & Release

Anchor your pose and expand your movement with agility and lightness. Release and renew during this all levels lengthening Yoga Wall class. Enjoy the advantage of using our many props, and extended hold and breath, to rejuvenate the body and soul. Incorporating the many benefits of essential oils (can opt out) and a serene atmosphere, you'll leave with that "Zen" feeling.


Rise & Fly

Let your Yoga practice soar to new heights. Realize your asanas in a multitude of variations, on and off the floor, using the Rope Wall as your instrument. All levels welcome, and students will be offered at least one inversion during each class to help aid in releasing spine tension and improve heart health. There are many options and modifications are always offered.


Barre + Pilates

Barre Fusion

Hit the barre with our total body strengthening class. It combines isolated movements at the barre and light weights to tone the arms. The class is set to upbeat music guaranteed to keep you motivated while the exercises challenge your mind and body. Challenge yourself at the barre and have fun while doing it! No dance experience needed, all levels welcome.


Pilates Fusion

Pilates Fusion is a mat based Pilates workout focusing on core strength, flexibility, balance and overall body awareness. The class will work on lengthening and strengthening the muscles while giving you a full body workout. This high energy class utilizes the magic circle, theraband, small ball, light weights and roller to help sculpt the body as well as increase strength and range of motion. The class is fun and fluid- a great compliment to any mind/body practice!


Mat for Core

Integration and


Do you need extra core (abs, back, pelvic floor, breathe) care? What about those bodily aches that show up unwelcome? In this class we will start with tension release and work into core strengthening, using Pilates and other movement disciplines for balance and control. The work restores muscles and fascia so you are ready to be challenged in free flowing movement. Class will end with energizing movements so you can go into your day full of zest and vigor!